Hello, my name is Andrew Koprowski.

This is my personal site where I can express myself freely about my passions and professional life.

To learn more about me please read my introductory blog post "Who am i?". I will use this blogging platform to write about myself so everyone can get to know me personally. I am a software engineer with a love for aviation. I enjoy writing clean code with clean architecture that is well tested and provides results. Swift is currently my preferred language and iOS mobile applications is my preferred platform to work with.

Recommended Readings

Every day I read content online regarding software development. I'll be sharing different articles and books that I find interesting. Subjects that interest me are Clean Code, Software Architecture and Test Driven Development. Tune in weekly for a list of recommended readings.

Podcasts and Videos

My plan is to share different podcasts and videos as well. Great tutorials and informative podcasts are very abundant on the web. My favorites usually relate to learning a new skill or entrepreneurship. Keep checking back to see what I find.

My Projects

In addition to the blog, I also have many interesting projects I've written about, usually Swift, iOS or application development specific. Visit the projects page to see what I have been working on most recently.

For Hire

Currently, I am available for hire. For any inquires or requests visit the contact page to message me about your project with a short description. I will respond in a timely manner. I prefer to have my work be in iOS application development, especially if it is a greenfield project where I can put my touch and expertise from start to finish. However, I also do server side development including building great API's and web applications. Please drop me a line so we can discuss.


I have a love for aviation, so expect to see some aviation content here as well. One thing that I love about software creation is that all things need software. I especially enjoy creating aviation related software. Keep checking back to see more aviation related projects.

Thank you for visiting!

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